Trust the Durability of Metal Roofing to Protect Your Home from Storms


The state of Michigan receives a relatively high amount of snowfall during winter. While many residents are already used to this weather condition, they may not be aware that heavy snowfall can damage their home in more ways than one. Check out this weather report from


A small but potent line of severe storms is moving east out of the Grand Rapids area, and heading through Gratiot County. The southern edge of the storms is moving just north of Lansing. The trajectory of the storms would take these storms through Saginaw County and Genesee County

This line of storms has produced estimated 80 mile per hour winds north of the Grand Rapids area, and caused severe damage to roofs in Newaygo County.

The storms are heading straight east, which would take them through Alma, the north side of Lansing, Owosso, parts of Saginaw and parts of Flint.

There has also been large hail covering the ground with some of these storms. If you have an empty spot in the garage, move your nice car inside before the storm hits.

As the storms move through your area, move toward the inside of your house and away from windows.

In response to situations like this, many home builders rely on the strength of metal roofing; its durability has been proven to hold out against the damaging effects of extreme weather conditions. Owing to its longevity, metal is the preferred material by homeowners who want a cost-effective option. If properly installed, the sturdy material can last a lifetime. Tests prove that metal is even resistant to damage from hailstorms and other severe weather systems.

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 (Article Excerpt and Image Severe storms that produced 80 mph winds and hail covering ground heading through Mid-Michigan, MLive, April 12, 2014)