An Easy Step to Maximizing Warmth in Your Home


You cannot always expect the weather to be favorable or bearable, especially if you live in Grand Rapids. The only way to get along with the cold is to adjust by making your home warmer. Fox17News hasthis recent weather report for Grand Rapids:

A cold front will be passing through West Michigan Monday night. Ahead of this front, it will be mild with showers and possibly a thunderstorm. Behind it Tuesday, it will be much colder.

The big story will be the big drop in temperatures Tuesday. After highs Monday well into the 70s, we’ll be lucky to even hit 50 degrees on Tuesday. Here is a look at some temperatures in the early afternoon.

The most conventional way to deal with the cold is to turn up the thermostat. However, this can be a very expensive solution as plenty of Michigan homeowners can attest to. Looking for a simpler and cheaper solution? Check out your windows. During winter, you may not be getting enough warmth for the amount of heating oil you burn or gas you use as heat can escape through your windows if they aren’t properly sealed. This causes an increase in your energy consumption since your heating system would have to work extra hard.

Install Grand Rapids replacement windows to maximize energy efficiency. There are various modern windows that many homes and commercial spaces are already taking advantage of, and these can slash your power bills by a significant amount while giving you more comfort in the cold months.

If you are not sure which window replacement in Grand Rapids MI to get, you can always consult a contractor like VanderLaan Home Improvement. In business for more than 70 years, the company surely has the experience necessary to take care of your needs. Their line of products includes triple panes, super spacer technology, low-emission coatings, UV filters, and argon- and krypton-based glass.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Showers Tonight; Much Cooler Tuesday, Fox17News, April 21, 2014)