Quick Window Fixes to Avoid Costly Repairs

Window repair is one of the most neglected aspects of home maintenance and upkeep. Homeowners generally assume that as long as the windows are held in place, they will be fine under the Grand Rapids weather. The result then is a slow but steady leeching of utility bills. Drafts blowing in can have significant impact to your home interior temperature.

Just because your windows aren’t visibility damaged, does not mean they are not in need of replacement. According to HGTV,

It’s usually pretty easy to tell when your home needs new windows. You can see the drafts blowing the curtains, water damage is clearly visible, or frost is present on the inside layer of glass during the winter. What may not be so apparent; however, is what replacement window option best suits your needs, and what installation methods may pose potential headaches for you and your contractor.

There are basically three different replacement options: sash replacement, frame-and-sash replacement and complete unit replacement. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, and each carries its own installation quirks.

You will need to arm yourself with knowledge of basic window replacement. You will also have to consult the reliable professionals from Vanderlaan Home Improvement for help.

As you clean your windows in Grand Rapids MI each season, you should inspect for damage or decay of the wood and caulk; the mere work of dusting and scrubbing them gives you a chance to survey for possible problems. You can easily spot loose sashes, crack formations, rotting wood up close and can therefore be able to go in for a quick fix.

However, keep in mind that they are only temporary solutions meant to stave off problems until you are able to call in for professional help. You don’t want to rely heavily on them as they can give out just as easily. It is recommended that you call on Vanderlaan Home Improvement, a trusted contractor for replacement windows in Grand Rapids, for assistance.


(Article excerpt From Choosing and Installing Replacement Windows, HGTV Remodels)