Past the Storm: Assess Your Roof for Leaks

Michigan surely took quite a beating after the recent thunderstorms. Unfortunately, we know there will be more severe storms over the summer, hopefully not too soon. The Holland Sentinel reported:

Severe thunderstorms rattled windows and gave a fantastic lightning show last night and early this morning, dropping light rain on Holland while causing flooding south of town.

Allegan County is under a flood advisory until 10:30 a.m. Runoff could cause minor flooding of small streams and creeks, according to the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids.

Moreover, residents should be glad that the trend of drier weather is apparently on its way. Here’s more from the report:

The Michigan State University weather station in Fennville recorded 0.66 inch of rain today.

The storms are pretty much over for today, though there is a 30 percent chance of showers and thunder before 10 this morning. Today’s high will be about 71 degrees.

VanderLaan Home Improvement, a dependable Holland roofing expert, says that it’s a great idea to assess the roof for damage after a storm. There are types of damage that you have to address even on your own, like minor shingle damage, but there are also issues where the skill of a professional roofer is necessary.

Here’s a quick guide to assessing a roof leak:

Sometimes, a minor leak is just due to a small hole in the flashing or a torn shingle. With the right DIY experience, you can repair this yourself. Other situations, however, call for professional work.

Multiple leaks are tough to handle without roofing experience. The same goes with dents and cracks that make it difficult to pinpoint the actual source. If you did try to repair the roof but it doesn’t seem to be holding well, you need to call an expert. When your roof has experienced severe damage, it’s time for Holland roofers like those from VanderLaan Home Improvement to step in.


(Article excerpt From Storms over, cooler temperatures ahead; Holland Sentinel, May 21, 2014)