Know Your Windows: When Replacement is a Better Option

Windows are the homeowner’s portal to their immediate surroundings and the outside world. Like every other aspect of the house, they also succumb to wear and tear over time. When that time comes, the options boil down to these: to replace or to repair.

Experienced ‘do-it-yourself’ homeowners would generally say that replacing windows isn’t that difficult a task. Home upkeep, however, entails general maintenance and speedy replacement of broken house parts. Window breakage isn’t an uncommon occurrence, especially with the weather windows have to withstand.

Due to the expenses involved, most homeowners would be quick to try to patch problems up before going for all out replacements. A few cracked glass panes, however, can have dire consequences.

Why exactly should you give up on our old windows when they still get the job done? According to The Family Handyman:

New windows offer a host of benefits—smooth operation, low maintenance, fewer drafts, easier cleaning and modest energy savings. But they’re expensive, so evaluate the repair and maintenance options for your old windows before taking the plunge.

New windows are tempting because they offer so much—smoother operation, lower maintenance, energy savings, fewer drafts and easier cleaning. But they’re expensive, and pros charge almost as much as the cost of the windows to install them, which is a major investment.

VanderLaan Home Improvement, the expert for replacement windows in Grand Rapids, points out that new windows can save homeowners  from further expense in the long run. Energy bills should reflect immediate savings as a result of simple installation of new ones.

Remember that windows can possibly be the most attractive features of a house. Broken-down and worn-out windows are not only detrimental for air conditioning, but they are also downright unsightly.

When are replacements needed? New windows in Grand Rapids MI are generally needed when you feel drafts, experience difficulty in opening or shutting them, notice more condensation buildup, or see a spike in your energy billing.

Consult VanderLaan Home Improvement, the window replacement experts that Michigan trusts, once you determine that you need professional assistance.

(Article excerpt From FAQs About Buying New Windows, Family Handyman)