Protect your home from the weather with reinforced windows

Areas in West Michigan like Grand Rapids have been suffering much from storms lately. Although many of us have escaped major damage to our homes, others have suffered damage is from things like falling branches and shingles to debris blowing into the sides and windows of homes, so being surrounded by trees and other structures may pose a risk to your house especially when storms are accompanied by strong winds like this one that recently devastated the area:

WEST MICHIGAN – A heavy storm hit the west side of the state hard last night and this morning with its high wind, pouring rain, thunder and lightning, and it’s not done yet.

Meteorologists say more storms will cover the southern half of Lower Michigan in the afternoon. A flash flood watch also is in effect until 8 a.m. Thursday.

Even after Monday’s comparatively smaller storms, West Michigan residents found downed trees on power lines and in the roadways. Have you found damage from the latest round of storms?

…These storms have been known to produce heavy rain, high wind and even hail, so most importantly, stay safe!

We’ve seen many structures with different sized dents and scratches in the siding and roofing and we wouldn’t be surprised if many people’s windows in Grand Rapids MI already have cracks on them. We at VanderLaan Home Improvement urge you to consider reinforcing your home to be safer from the inevitable weather conditions that will only continue to get worse as climate change sets in more.

Our replacement windows in Grand Rapids offer advantages like triple panes and krypton and argon-based glass which is stronger than construction grade material. Always remember that safety is an investment that you simply can’t be cheap about. In the long run, you stand to gain a lot more in other ways that can’t be bought by money.


(Article Excerpt from Send us your photos as severe weather continues in West Michigan,, June 18, 2014)