Be safe from strong winds and severe weather with metal roof

It seems that every day storms, which already have the capability to be destructive, are more often evolving into stronger forms that makes them more devastating than ever before. It’s not so much the rain anymore but the strong winds that accompany it; one of which is called a “bow echo”. This wind storm can be so strong that it uproots trees and lifts cars. So are you confident enough with your home? We talked to one of the most experienced companies in the field of home improvement – Vanderlaan – in Grand Rapids, Michigan, one of the places that frequently suffers from this kind of severe weather.

Q: In your 70 years of experience, what is the part of the house that usually suffers the most damage during storms?

A: Aside from siding and windows, I’d say the roofing system suffers the most damage. Since it is the most exposed part of the house, it catches all the blows – from rainfall, hail, lightning to other external elements like debris, falling trees or other materials from nearby structures.

Q: Does roofing in Grand Rapids experience this frequently?

A: Actually, yes. Aside from that, tornadoes are frequent occurrence here. Michigan in general always experience severe weather conditions with an average of 30 days of thunderstorm in a year. In fact, another one just hit recently as reported by

A line of severe storms with a “bow echo” in it is now moving across the southern half of Lower Michigan.

This line of storms has produced a few 55 to 60 mph wind gusts in western Michigan in the past hour.

A bow echo is the radar signature of a squall line that “bows out” as winds descend behind the line and circulations develop on either end. The strongest winds in a line of severe storms are usually right in the center of that curve. As of 1:47 P.M. the bow echo is past Grand Rapids and heading toward Lansing.

Q: As homeowners, what can we do to protect ourselves from this severe weather?

A: Reinforcing your home usually does the trick since it is your only defense against harsh climate. We at VanderLaan Home Improvement have seen almost all possible damage that this weather can cause so we urge you to give special attention to your roofing system because as explained, it takes most of the blows. We offer metal roofing in Grand Rapids MI for it is the best material against strong winds. We use high quality brands like GAF, IKO, CertainTeed and Owens Corning. So consider replacing your roof with us today and you’ll never have to worry about any kind of storms hitting the area and causing critical damage to your home.


(Article Excerpt from Bow echo with severe straight-line winds moving across southern Michigan, Mlive, June )