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Increase your home’s appeal with good workmanship.

Selling a house takes a lot of work by both the homeowner and Realtor. Since buying a property is a pretty big investment for anyone, the seller should expect total scrutiny from each potential buyer which is exactly what you would do too if you were in their position, right? So if you are planning

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Be safe from strong winds and severe weather with metal roof

It seems that every day storms, which already have the capability to be destructive, are more often evolving into stronger forms that makes them more devastating than ever before. It’s not so much the rain anymore but the strong winds that accompany it; one of which is called a “bow echo”. This wind storm can

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Protect your investments from no-show contractors

Every one of us has been exposed to lies at some point in our lives and it is easier to accept if it’s just a little white one. But it is an entirely different weight when it comes to investments. Criminals nowadays are being more creative with their desire to swindle money from other people;

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Protect your home from the weather with reinforced windows

Areas in West Michigan like Grand Rapids have been suffering much from storms lately. Although many of us have escaped major damage to our homes, others have suffered damage is from things like falling branches and shingles to debris blowing into the sides and windows of homes, so being surrounded by trees and other structures

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Know Your Windows: When Replacement is a Better Option

Windows are the homeowner’s portal to their immediate surroundings and the outside world. Like every other aspect of the house, they also succumb to wear and tear over time. When that time comes, the options boil down to these: to replace or to repair. Experienced ‘do-it-yourself’ homeowners would generally say that replacing windows isn’t that

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