Kentwood Siding

Vanderlaan Home Improvements has been supporting homeowners for more than 70 years and they have an impressive custom of putting its customers’ needs first!  This is the reason their clients continue to come back to Vanderlaan Home Improvements over and over because we are known for offering the best siding and the finest service at affordable prices.  All aspects of  our products reveal our steadfast dedication to creating new technology, increasing efficiency and delivering incomparable service to its customers.  Our siding will fundamentally complement any style or any budget.  Vanderlaan Home Improvements is always striving to make its products, services, and company the best they can be!  Vanderlaan Home Improvements achieves those goals by insulating your home with siding that won’t only promote more energy savings, but also eliminate the average aggravations like scraping, sanding, washing and painting your house’s siding!  Vanderlaan Home Improvements will spruce up your dowdy and lackluster siding with our new Standard Vinyl Siding, Seamless Vinyl Siding or Fabric Cement Siding.  Besides that, our new siding will continue to look new for years.  This is why homeowners in Kentwood know they have nothing to lose by investing in Vanderlaan Home Improvements siding, other than maintenance and painting costs and high energy bills, when they select Vanderlaan Home Improvements’ siding!

Kentwood Vinyl Siding

Kentwood, Michigan is a city in Kent County.  There are close to 50,000 residents in Kentwood with almost 20,000 separate households and more than 12,000 family households.  The median income in Kentwood is more than $48,000 and the median family income is in excess of $60,000.  Many of the early settlers who first bought land in the area came from New York State. The city was incorporated in 1967 from what remained of Paris Township in order to prevent annexation of land from both Grand Raids and Wyoming.  Kentwood was named after Kent County which, in turn, was named after jurist James Kent.  Vanderlaan Home Improvements’ siding is unfailingly the perfect selection for Kentwood families for a variety of reasons.  Our siding is widely used in Kentwood because it is considered to be exceedingly energy efficient, affordable and maintenance free.  When Kentwood residents decide they want to improve their homes, they look to the specialists at Vanderlaan Home Improvements to provide them the siding they know they can believe in and rely upon!

Kentwood Siding Installation

Vanderlaan Home Improvements wants its customers to know that we are dedicated to creating the methods required in developing your siding for your home.  We are always examining the best ways to enhance your lives and improve the home in which you live.  Vanderlaan Home Improvements’ siding will augment your home’s exterior.  Furthermore, your siding will never crack, chip, peel, warp or require painting.  Vanderlaan Home Improvements’ siding will insulate your home from extreme temperatures while saving you time, trouble and energy expenses! We understand how significant it is to get quality workmanship for an affordable price.  Isn’t it time that you gave Vanderlaan Home Improvements a call to find out more about its siding products!  Our representatives are standing by to take your call.  We can’t wait to get started on siding your home!


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