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For over 70 years, Vanderlaan Home Improvements has been advocating for homeowners in the  have the proud tradition of placing our customers’ needs first!  That’s the reason our clients keep returning to Vanderlaan Home Improvements again and again because we have the reputation of offering the best products and finest service at reasonable prices.  Each facet of  our precision engineering reveals our unwavering commitment to developing new technologies, increasing productivity and delivering unequaled service to our customers.  Vanderlaan Home Improvements is particularly delighted that we are able to provide our customers with siding that will virtually match any style or any budget.  For Vanderlaan Home Improvements, business as usual is always endeavoring to make our products, service, and company the best it can be!  Our goal is to make life easier for you.  And, we can accomplish that goal by insulating your home with siding that not only promotes greater energy savings, but also eliminates the typical annoyances like scraping, sanding, washing and painting your house’s siding!  We will breathe life into your old drab and worn-out siding with our new Standard Vinyl Siding, Seamless Vinyl Siding or Fabric Cement Siding.  Beyond that, our new siding will continue to look new, year after year, decade after decade!  Homeowners in Zeeland realize that they have absolutely nothing to lose, other than painting and maintenance costs and high energy expenses, when they choose Vanderlaan Home Improvements’ siding!

Zeeland Vinyl Siding

Zeeland, Michigan is a city in Ottawa County located at the western edge of Zeeland Charter Township.  Its name comes from the Dutch province of Zeeland.  Approximately 500 Dutch citizens sailed for America seeking religious freedom in 1847.  The emigrants were led by Jannes van de Luyster, a wealthy landowner, who sold his holdings in the Netherlands to advance money for the members to pay their debts and buy passage to America. Their settlement of land was once occupied by the Odawa people.  The village officially became a city in 1907.  Zeeland’s population is nearly 6,000 residents, with over 2,000 separate households and about 1,500 family households.  The median income for Zeeland is close to $46,000 annually and the median income for a family is over $53,000.  Vanderlaan Home Improvements’ siding is consistently the ideal selection for Zeeland families for numerous reasons.  Our siding is widely used in Zeeland because it is highly energy efficient, affordable and maintenance free.  When Zeeland residents want to improve their homes, they turn to the experts at Vanderlaan Home Improvements to provide them with the siding they know they can trust and rely upon!

Zeeland Siding Installation

Vanderlaan Home Improvements is not only dedicated to developing premium quality siding products, but we are dedicated to creating them better than our competition.  And, smarter!   We are always searching for new and improved ways we can make your life easier.  Our siding will enhance your exterior and it will never crack, chip, peel, warp or require painting.  Vanderlaan Home Improvements’ siding will insulate your home from temperature extremes and, at the same time, save you time, trouble and energy expenses! We know how critical it is to get premium workmanship for an affordable price.  That’s why it’s high time that you gave Vanderlaan Home Improvements a call today to learn more about our siding products.  You will be happy you called, and we will, too!

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